My Forest Of Sorts

Lonely in a mysterious forest,

Grr!- I hear a lion roaring,

His sudden roar disorients me,

And all I see are ashes and burning flames,

Forever-lasting they do seem,

And powerful too indeed.


My heart beats faster and faster,

I run away, run away faster than ever

I look around but my eyes only see inside me,

It’s dark yet vivid,

Quiet yet loud,


Which makes me wonder, is life hell?


A little more suffering I believe,

Then heaven will await me,

Soft lullabies will be sung,

Like angels flying in the sky.


I want death to approach me,

Then heaven I’ll enjoy,

But at the same time,

I don’t want it,

Instead, I want joy.


I’ll become a lion,

I will roar deep from my soul,

My soul will be as powerful as a fire,

And will never die into ashes,


I will run towards something,

And take each day,

And make it the best I can.



I will become a forest,

Till angels play their harp.




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