A football game

I was playing football in a PE lesson some time ago. My team lost terribly bad and I knew I didn’t play as well as I could have. In fact, I knew I sucked at football anyway. The game was over and it was time for all of us to shake hands. ‘Good game’ ‘Good game’ ‘Good game’-I heard all over the place. That sentence was really starting to bother me because I knew that it wasn’t a good game. Then, I shook the last hand out of that line and said ‘Good game’ for the last time.

It was at that moment when it came to me: Each day of our lives is a football game.

You have to get through people and it’s important not to lose the ball,
But, if you lose it, you can’t give up. You should fight for it and get it back,
Running is good for you, you have higher chances of getting the ball.
Still, running makes you tired.
You shouldn’t trust all your team mates because if they aren’t good enough, they will lose the ball.
However, you should give each one of them at least a chance.
You know more on how to play the sport than yesterday but less than tomorrow,
It’s a matter of experience, after all.
If you fall, you will not always get a hand to pull you up,
And for that, you have to stand up by yourself no matter how painful it is,
You either win or lose but it’s your attitude towards this that counts because your attitude impacts the game that’s awaiting you tomorrow.

But for some strange reason, I don’t like football very much yet I love each day of my life.

These metaphors could go on and on like the ball in the game but I’ll stop and let you think for yourself. Feel free to comment below if you have anymore to add. Good luck on your game tomorrow!


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