‘Teenagerhood’ for a teen

Teenagers, they live without pain or worries. Or is it not like that? You are wrong. It isn’t only a single pain, it’s a lot of pain joined together. Adolescence, everybody talks about it, kids don’t know it, teenagers waste it, and adults miss it. But who understands us? We don’t even understand ourselves. We judge, criticize but don’t get over things. We follow trends to feel better. Sometimes everything is white, and then it’s black. We wish to have a better physical appearance rather than a talent. We want everything without having to do anything. Who knows what goes on in our heads? Who understand what’s falling in love with an idiot? Who suffers because of love, family, and studies and still has a smile on their face? Who experiences body changes, feels inferior, feels left out, who knows what’s falling again and again? Who has to bear with cranky teachers, who vent in class? Who starts to have responsibilities, starts creating a future, falls in the sad reality that secret super spies or princesses from movies don’t exist, that you have to move forward without disappointing your parents? Tell me who has all this pressure? The one that no adult understands, those who say that they were already our age, that they don’t understand that it’s not like before? For them, we are lazy, get drunk and do drugs. Pain? We all feel it. But the worst pain is deception, disappointment, falling into reality. It’s knowing that if you sleep on the sofa, you’ll wake up there. If you don’t dress properly, you are disgusting. If you wear a hood, you are a thief.  If you follow your dream, they’ll laugh at you. If you skateboard, you do drugs. If you have no phone, you don’t exist. If you think differently, they’ll leave you out. It’s not easy to be a teenager, but it is the biggest learning process we are ever going to have in our lives. It’s the experiences we will tell our children and grandchildren. It’s the things that will remain with and touch you forever, and that you only live once. Each time you fall is a lesson, and that’s what adolescence is about, about falling and laughing, because you can get up and know that it will not be the first time you’ll fall nor the last. It’s now or never.


4 thoughts on “‘Teenagerhood’ for a teen

  1. Very deep post here. It’s true, a lot of things go on in that age, a lot of changing and learning. And yes, sometimes good teens are unfairly judged because there are so many other teens who are thieves or do drugs, like you say. I can definitely understand your frustration. But all adults were teens once too and some DO understand you. Once you’re out of your parents house is when you really learn about responsibility. No one’s taking care of you anymore, that’s the real world and that’s when you feel scared and stressed out. I’m not saying I disagree with this post at all, it’s just that I see both sides of it now. There are ups and downs all through life. Good luck!

    • Hi! Thanks for the comment and feedback! ☺ I must say you do have very valid points. In fact, teenagers don’t normally realise these. Some adults do understand us to some extent, just that they don’t show it in the way we want them to show their understanding, which really frustrates us at times. Still, at the end of the day, they’ve ‘been there, done that’, so they quite possibly do understand us. At the same time, like us, they didn’t know how to deal with themselves, so they don’t know how to deal with us now. Obviously, some more things are yet to come! They’ll be more challenging, you’re right; cause life gets tougher each day. However, my post was trying to somewhat make teenagers ‘relate’ to it or at least, partly ‘relate’ to it because I don’t fully relate to it myself and I don’t expect anyone to. I was trying to show the hidden or non-heard side of being a teen, which also has its difficulties. It was more of how life is to an average teenager, just wanted to create a little sympathy and show this topic from a teenage perspective. But, you gave me a great idea. I could try comparing different perspectives on this period of our lives or I could completely change this idea on this post and give it a little twist for it to be something else! I’ll keep you updated on that! Thanks once more!
      Have a great day!

      • Hopefully they do relate! I’m trying my best at writing. It seems really easy just writing about random stuff. But it’s the way you write it and how it sounds that matters more than the content. Thanks for your support! 🙂

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