Words are one of the oldest human inventions. They have been developing as human kind has developed itself. Yet, what are words really? Words are just a way of expressing oneself. They are abstract. Each one of us understands words in a different manner or gets a different feeling from them.

It is how we use words that matter though because words can be very powerful: never more powerful than actions, but still powerful. For example, I like to look at sentences, or sets of sentences and get the whole picture first. However, each sentence has its little thing behind it. In fact, it’s good to know how to read between words. How it was written in a certain way and why it could’ve been written that way. It is the only way to get the essence of a piece of writing or a speech.

All I’m going to say is that you are going to have to read through my words to understand my writing and understand me. Don’t only look at the content because honestly, if you look at the content, that might only reflect a small 40 % of my thoughts and ideas. I am just giving you hidden hints.

But, what are words? What did this whole piece mean to you? 


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