Simply listen.

Some say, ‘Listen to your heart’. Others say, ‘Listen to your mind’.
Sometimes, both your heart and your mind know what they want clearly. Other times, they’re both confused. It is then that you become confused yourself.

Your mind says two things and your heart says other two. You say nothing, you just watch and listen. But, the more you listen, the more complicated it gets. The harder it seems for you to make a decision. It’s sort of like watching a bad debate where none of the sides agrees with what they are saying and they show that lack of conviction. Nobody can win there, it’s a conflict with oneself as well as a conflict with someone else, who is conflicted with themselves too.

Am I making sense so far? No, I’m not. Just like a confused heart and mind arguing over something.

If it’s all confusing and senseless, then… why do I listen to them? Why do I just not hear them like one hears the rain pour, and ignore them? Cause it concerns me. Just like you can’t watch a person being burnt to death, unless you are extremely cold-hearted.

I guess I’ll just have to stand there and listen for eternity to see which side wins.


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