Shallow Self-Consciousness

Self-consciousness. It haunts me down. It’s always showing up, no matter what I do. It’s like two cat’s eyes, I even see them in the dark. 
I want to get rid of it. I want to overcome this because it’s killing me, but I can’t. It’s as if it were a part of myself and ‘overcoming myself’ seems like too much of a shock. I want to open up, throw away my shyness and throw away the act I put on everyday. 
It happens to all of us, teens, we are self-conscious of what we look like, how we act around people, what we say, what people will think, and a bunch of non-sense. We all put on an act to be liked because we don’t like ourselves in the first place. We value others’ opinions more than our own. If they think, we suck. Then, we must suck. If they like us, then we will like ourselves. 
But, I know I can get rid of this, it’s all in my head. If I pull on a little confidence, get myself sorted, and raise up my own expectations, I can overcome this without having to overcome myself. 


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