Confusing room

I’m in a colourless room, but colourless doesn’t mean empty, not at all.
Because it’s full, full of people, full of aspirations, full of dangers, full of dreams, full of feelings. Yet, where am I in that room? Standing barefoot on a strange surface.

This surface is burning hot, and is shaking too. But the worst thing about it is that it’s sucking me in, absorbing me slowly like quicksand. There are only two possible escapes from this suffocating place. They are both escalators going different directions. I can’t decide which one to take; there’s no right or wrong (or at least I can’t see it) .

On both of them, different feelings, people, situations… float. But I still don’t know where to go. As time goes by, the escalators are moving all of these floating creatures further, further away from me. They are fading away and so am I because of that quicksand I’m on.

I know it’s a matter of choosing one escalator and running, but I can’t make up my mind. It seems harder and harder to escape. It is then I realize I’m stuck.


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