Your Brain Needs A Shower

Those accumulations of horrible feelings can get pretty unbearable at times. I mean, when something unpleasant happens, and you feel it, but you hold yourself from crying. Then once more, and another one. Like that, until the smallest thing makes you break down into tears, and you just can’t stop. Each tear is a different feeling from a different situation, and they all want to get out. It is then that you feel all of these things that you swallowed your tears for at once. Fear, Sadness, Worry, Regret, Loneliness, Failure, Unloveliness, Hopelessness, and the rest don’t have words. You can’t control yourself, and it’s painful. I hate not having control over my feelings and myself. So, I just cry. And, it helps. You should allow yourself to cry. After you’ve cried, forget about those feelings and see the good things in life. Those things that you are thankful for and don’t necessarily appreciate that often. Like.. your family, your friends, yourself and let yourself smile. A shower helps too, just saying. Try to see those. I’m not saying the pain will go away. Not even close. It’s there I can still feel it but it’s way better. Kind of like I have replaced a bit of the bad stuff by a bit of the good stuff. This is temporary though. I know I need to deal with them for them to fully go away, but I don’t have time to think. So I need a temporary “brainwash”.

You and I are different people, but I successfully managed to incorporate you in this text, even though it’s about myself. So.. maybe this works for you?


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