28.12.12- DIARY ENTRY.

Dear Diary,
Yes! It’s a diary entry because I can’t be bothered to be creative and I don’t have time, plus… I’ve got a lot of things to say at once. First of all, I wanna say I’ve finished 2012 learning a couple of new things. 
1) Sometimes, it’s not about being able to see, understand and respect others’ perspectives. But, more like… REALLY putting yourself in someone’s shoes and caring for others. Yes, you’ve got to love and care for others, actually no. That’s really easy to say and think: I love you and I care about you. No. It’s more like… you have to watch out… seek for their well-being…. make them feel loved… improve their situation if you can… make an effort. Basically, I have to help people, make their lives better and see what they need, reach out for them. 
2) There’s so much out there, people, ideas, subjects, issues… And I think of me. Hmm.. my blog is all about me. How is that thinking deeply when there’s so much out there? 
3) It’s the small things in life that make me happy and that complete our lives… that good laugh with your family, that random conversation you have at the supermarket with a random stranger, hugs, kisses, that song, that new friend you make, seeing an old friend, walking down the streets with the sun shining on you, that good grade you got after studying your butt off, those old pictures, memories, finishing up a project, doing your nails and looking at them later on, thinking.. Oh my gosh! They look so nice! This sounds shallow, doesn’t it? But, it’s true… Think about it… What really makes your day? What makes you happy? 

That’s pretty much some of the thoughts and lessons that life has given me these days. Maybe I’m completely wrong or maybe I’m just a little right! But it’s me, there’s no right or wrong. Anyway, I’m working on a letter to myself for new years, my goals that I want to achieve and also past things that I want to tell myself. Who knows? It might help you too! 🙂 



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