Dear 2013 Elisa,
This year has given me many lessons. I would say that this year was “my year of awareness”. Sort of like the year when I took control of my life and became aware of what’s actually out there. I have to admit that it was a tough year… full of challenges, work, emotions, and new things. Since it was tough, I learnt a lot from it. So, there are a couple of things that I want to tell you. Please, please, please: stop procrastinating and work. It’s true that you have gotten pretty good grades but you went though a lot of stress, disorganization, lack of time, which you wouldn’t have had to go through if you didn’t procrastinate and worked. Also, you would have time for more things outside school and would have more of a balanced life. So, you must stop procrastinating this 2013. Quit facebook. Quit anything that will stop you from working and do take breaks, but work efficiently. Try and enjoy your assignments. You’ll work better that way. Anyway, I would also want you to spend time with your family because this year they’ve proven me how great they are. Never forget about them and care for them just as they care for you. Hmm, what else can I tell you? This is gonna be hard to ask for… but stop being insecure. Start believing in yourself, in all aspects of yourself because it’ll get you further. Pull that confidence together. I know that this year could’ve been way better if you only had a little faith in yourself. This is kind of related as well: overcome your shyness. It’s unnecessary and useless. It’s doing no good to you. Next, don’t allow yourself to get carried away by your emotions. You can avoid so many complications. So, put your feet on the ground and control yourself too. Don’t scream at people just because you’re feeling angry. Don’t let your emotions take over you. Also, I know you don’t do this but you do think of it… don’t betray anyone. Not worth it. To sum up, here’s the list of your goals:
-No procrastination and work efficiently
-Have things to look forward to and goals
-Spend time with your loved ones
-Believe in yourself, get rid of your insecurities
-Overcome your shyness
-Don’t get carried away by emotions
-Be truthful and sincere
-Read a book a month 
-Keep writing
-Start out a new hobby
-Be happy 

2013. HERE WE COME. 🙂


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