I apologize for not having written in so long but I’ve been busy with other things, like school… and I made the mistake of not giving time for myself, which isn’t cool. Anyway, here’s an update: 

– I’m planning to have a book review section on my blog, since one of my goals was to read a book a month because I didn’t read that much before 🙂 Yet, now I’m really enjoying reading and it might be that I read two or three books a month. So why not write what I think about what I read and recommend or not recommend some books to anyone who’s reading this? You’ll see my first critique soon! 

– About writing my own book? Don’t worry, I haven’t ditched that idea yet. I’m still thinking about the theme of my book and what I want to convey in it, so it will definitely take a long time until you see the first chapter of it but it’s on the go!

– Oh! Before I forget! I’ve disliked fruit ever since I was little which isn’t healthy, I know. Soooo… I’m gonna have this “small project” to change this habit. First week, one fruit a day. Second week, two fruits a day, etc until I end up eating the right amount. 

-Moreover, I want to keep my blog a little more open and varied. So I’ll be posting different kind of stuff in it, and I won’t limit myself with thoughts, worries, feelings, and goals. 

Yes, that’s basically it. How does it sound? Okay, so far? As you might be able to see, I’m quite happy because without realizing it myself, I’ve changed and I’m changing to live life the way I want to live it. I feel like things are more stable and I’m starting to appreciate life in its simplest form. (: 


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