Little Things (not 1D- I hate them)

Well, I’m free today. So, I’m like… why not write something? Surprisingly, I couldn’t figure out what to write about, which is weird because I always have something to say. Then, I’m like… is there something that you’ve learnt recently? Yes. Yes, there is. Quite recently, in fact. 

I’ve learnt that we have to appreciate the many of the little things in life. Oh how cliche! But, I mean it. Emotions, feelings, people, smiles, accomplishing things, a good laugh with a friend, the snowflake coming down from the sky, a song, words… I don’t know, everything simply because everyday has great new things in it. We just have to learn that these things are the ones that we want, and that potentially fill our lives up. We have to accept it. Just cause… life is full of small things. Ok, look. Put it this way: Look back at your life as a whole right now. Quick flashback. No more than one second. What kind of feeling did you get? Happy, right? But if I asked you to think of the bad side, you’d think of the big struggles and ‘the not-so-good things’ you’ve had to go through. You might not be aware and might not be able to list the happy things, but your life has certainly had a lot of happiness in small doses. So, tomorrow when you wake up…  Appreciate and be grateful of everything you see, hear, feel, smell, taste, EVERYTHING. It’s there, now go enjoy it, and quit the sadness, drama, worries, whatever it is from stopping you to look at these things, and look at them. Go ahead, take control of your own life and live it up. 


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