10.2.13- My new shoes and path

Today, I want to recognize that I’ve come far, very far. Further than I ever imagined I could. I’ve changed the way I reacted to certain types of things, my attitude, and to some degree my life. But, I’m not stopping here because I can go further. Further than I ever fantasized I would. Before, I pulled out strength out of nowhere, a strength which I thought was inexistant, to think, reflect, move on, and most importantly, change. Yet, this strength could not have possibly not existed, it was there somewhere and there’s more of it. I can feel it. So now, I got my ideas clearer and I know myself enough to construct my own path and follow it. I trust myself enough to get lost in that path because I know I’m capable of finding my way back in that path or finding new routes and rebuilding it. Before I was gathering bricks and stones to build up this path, I was also putting down all fences and walls so I could let people, ideas, and everything to join me on my way, and now I pulled on a pair of new shoes and I’m ready to start walking…


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