My life: (Very vague reflection)

Who said life was easy and all good? No one did, right? Then, why do we (or at least, I) dream of that? A perfect life full of happiness, balance, and all these perceptions that only exist in our minds. Well, exactly. They only exist in our crazy, ‘misdriven’ and senseless thoughts. It doesn’t exist and at the end of the day, we dream about it but we truly don’t want it. 

Who wants a life all happy, organized, balanced, and with everything they want? Well, I don’t. As weird as this might sound, I want to feel, I want to make mistakes, I want to learn, I want to think, I want to live; the ups and downs of life because the fact that I’m here writing this and you’re reading it, believe me, it’s a miracle. If we see life as a miracle, (and only then), we might be able to enjoy even the most bitter moments that life decides to serve us with. 

So, here I am: not trying to find an explanation to life but instead, living it up. 


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