The confidence project! (1)

Hello, hello! So, I want to accomplish something, and when I want to do so, I do whatever is necessary to get there. Here’s the thing: I want to be more confident. Yes, yes, leave all these insecurities behind. The ones I’ve had forever. Well, I thought that they’re just a waste of time or more like, they make my life less worthy. I mean… who likes being insecure? If you’re reading this and you’re not as confident as you wish you were… why don’t you follow me in this project? (The confidence project!) We’ll get something out of it for sure. I can’t promise you, you’ll be extremely confident by the end of it but I can tell you, you’ll get something out of it. Even if it’s just a 14 year old girl writing this, she’s still a human and she has experienced a bunch of stuff. So, accompany in my journey and I’ll come in yours. And… the ‘due date’ for this project is 22nd April. Let’s see how good of a grade we can get! 

What I want to start off with is that we have to love ourselves. If we don’t love ourselves, we can’t trust ourselves. If we don’t love ourselves, we end up hating more parts of ourselves than we actually like. And. That’s. Not. Good. But, we know ourselves really well, in fact better than we should or would like to and that’s why our insecurities pile up. Those bad things affect us more than the good ones or we consider them more important up to a point where we completely or almost completely forget those great qualities we have. So, here’s how I’m starting out with and how you should start. Every time you see yourself in the mirror, say something good about yourself and I want you to use mirrors more 😉 For example, here are some of the things I’ve said to myself throughout the day; “You are intelligent and innovative and that’s why you’re outsmarting your old self and looking for change” “You are determined and focused” “You are helpful and helping people makes you feel good about yourself, which shows how good of a person you are”.  As stupid as it seems, this really really helps. If it didn’t, I probably wouldn’t remember what I told myself today. Next thing: Remember, we stay insecure because we think we are insecure. This is called a paradigm-an idea or perception in our mind-. Starting from now on, the paradigm that says you are insecure will say that you were insecure but you overcame yourself, or that you are confident. But, this isn’t like the mirror thing. Changing a paradigm isn’t that easy, so keep working at it, keep telling yourself, and every time you tell yourself, you are confident : BELIEVE IT.  To sum up:

1) Mirror activity. Say positive things about yourself every time you look at yourself in the mirror. Try to do this 5-6 times a day. 
2) Start changing your paradigms! “Before you were insecure, now you are confident”

I’ll have some more things for you tomorrow. I’ll be talking about trusting yourself and acting confident! SOO, STAY TUNED. Give me a follow if I’m any interesting and I hope this was helpful and that you enjoyed the read!


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