The Confidence project (II)

This is my second entry on how to become more confident! It’s important that you read the first one before reading this one. I’m really sorry for not having posted this yesterday as I said I would. Oh well, the point is that it’s here now.

As I briefly mentioned, the next step is trusting yourself. Actually, I wouldn’t call it the next step cause all these things just come all at once 😀 You might be wondering… trusting yourself? Uhh… what? Ok, I’ll try to keep the explanation short. You know, how they say that trust is a very important element to a relationship, to love, etc? Exactly. Confidence is a lot about loving ourselves, and for that, we must trust ourselves. Now, what do I mean by that? I mean that you trust yourself to do things ‘right’ or to be strong enough so you can stand up by yourself if you fall. How do you start this? Easy peasy. Make yourself trustworthy. The promises you keep to yourself are just as important as the ones you keep to others. If you say you’ll wake up at 8 on Saturday and catch up on some work you left behind, YOU MUST DO IT. Promises to yourself are extremely important and from now on, you will keep them. This is the only way for you to start believing in yourself. It all starts with little promises and as time goes on, these start getting bigger and more significant. For example, today it’s about being healthier and eating an apple a day (Ok that was just an example- a very lame one-) but tomorrow you promise yourself you’ll do well on some task you’ve been assigned, or you promise yourself, you’ll get out of your comfort zone and take one step further. So, start making those promises to increase trust, and thus, confidence.

Something else you have to watch out! This one potentially works and I’m speaking from experience here. Act confident and you’ll be confident. Seriously. Public and private image are highly linked and if you act confident, you’ll like the feeling of it and you’ll be proud that you can do so! So, you’ll increase your self-esteem and your confidence ultimately.

To sum up once more…

1) Start trusting yourself by making promises to yourself and keeping them
2) Act confident.

My next posts will be based on talents and another point of view on this I’ve never explored myself which concerns teenage girls like me (about looks)! Give me a follow if you’re interested and contact me if you have any questions or something 🙂 Comment below! I love comments aougnboiaenkdp.


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