The Confidence Project (III)

Alrightyy! So, what’s one more way to boost that confidence? What are you good at? What talents do you have? It might be that you play an instrument, that you’re an artist and you draw really well… But, that’s not what I mean. (and if you have those talents, then great! They’re still talents 🙂 ) Here, wait. Let me put it this way though. I don’t climb mountains or create music. I can’t predict the weather. I’m not a great actress. I don’t always match clothes up the right way. I’m not a professional basketball player. However, I have other talents, which others might not value as much but for me, they are MY talents. I’m not Shakespeare but I write. I am able to put my thoughts and potentially myself through words, and I enjoy doing it.  Also, I’m really charismatic. I’m not going to be like “no ego intended” or apologize for saying that cause this is what it’s all about; thinking highly of ourselves. And I’m charismatic. I understand people, try to see their good side, people like me and I know how to deal with people. In a way, I guess talents can be anything, any positive trait about yourself. Funny thing is that my talents are the things I describe on my gravatar profile; people and words; my passions. 

Anyway, apart from only talking about my own concerns on insecurity I thought I’d try seeing things from a different perspective. Many teenage girls are insecure of their looks. This personally doesn’t apply to me that much, I think. Sure, my legs aren’t as skinny as I’d like them to be. I have some pimples so I cover them up with concealer. Nevertheless, my life doesn’t revolve around looks and what I wear. Although, if this is your case… I think I can still help you. If you love yourself, you shouldn’t really care about what others think about you. They should love you for who you truly are. Okay. What’s the worst they can do? Gossip? Come on. A couple extra kilos aren’t going to kill you and about your looks, you can change anything. Yeah, as I told you before I don’t like my legs that much but I exercise to make them better. I change the things I don’t want and if I can’t do that, I change my attitude towards those things. 

Soo budddaay. Today’s lesson: 

-Take notice of your talents, appreciate them and use them

– Looks don’t matter. “Change things if they bother you, and if you can’t change them, change your attitude towards them”

Thanks for the read and for following my project! Make sure to leave a comment below and tell me what you think of this project and how I’m doing and if there’s anything else you’d like me to discuss. My next post will be about being comfortable with yourself, getting time for yourself, see what you aren’t so good at, perhaps meditation…  Follow my blog! We can do this together 🙂


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