The Confidence Project (IV)

I should’ve written some time ago now, shouldn’t I? It’s been a week without mentioning the whole confidence project. To be honest, this project is really helping me. In fact, I consider myself rather confident now. Anyway, since this is my journey, there are some things I’ve noticed and that I want to briefly mention. Alright, I caught myself looking in the mirror and disgusted at this pimple, wanting to pop it, and wondering if it looked too bad. And then, I’m just like… What the hell are you doing? Mirrors are there to make you feel better about yourself (like I said in the first post) not to make you feel uncomfortable and insecure about a stupid pimple. So, even if I cared about that pimple, I told myself not to care. Who cares about what others are gonna think about your pimple? Hahaha! Hmmm, apart from that, I caught myself apologizing for the lamest things or saying that I did something really bad, when I was playing volleyball. But I just realized that isn’t going to get me anywhere, and even if it’s about teamwork… it takes time for one to develop their personal skills and just like others respect that, I should respect that when it comes to myself. Also there are some obstacles which got in the way but I’ll be talking about that in my next post. 

Now, I had planned to talk about “your relationship with yourself”. (I don’t know how to put it better) Get in your room by yourself and do nothing. Are you comfortable? If you feel this sort of “relief” that means that you aren’t so confident when it comes to socializing or things that involve people perhaps. If you feel uncomfortable, then… you are very insecure. But that’s ok. I used to feel like that, now I enjoy being with myself. There’s no sense of relief really because I’m myself at all times. My advice to gain this is to focus on all the other points I’ve talked about previously and boost your confidence! It’s a journey and all the things I’ve mentioned are extremely related. As weird as this might sound, a great way to improve your confidence is to get time for yourself. First comes your inner self, then your public figure. Never the other way around. So, here’s one of the things I did which I found helpful. Of the top of your head, what is something that you’re good at and something that you suck at? Cool. You got it. Now, go do something related to that. See the difference between the two products. Your talent will really shine that moment. But, look at what you apparently suck at: It isn’t that bad. At least, you did something. It came from your hard work and a lot of virtues or principles as I like to call them were put in there. Reflect upon this process and do this in a positive way. Overall, it’s important that you get time for yourself, find “inner peace” and gain self-confidence, security and trust before you can change your public figure. Try meditating even! I have never done it personally, but it works for a lot of people. So try it! 

I’ve written four posts about this, and it’s not like I have them planned. I just reflect on what happens to me and try to draw bigger conclusions, that will relate to all of you readers. My next one will be about others and the pressure they might put on you. You’ll see what I mean. Fighting obstacles, people! Please, join my journey and my projects. If you’ve found this post and managed to read until here, to me that’s a miracle. So if that’s the case, I would appreciate it and it would make my day, week or even month if you left a comment. 🙂 Have a good day everyone!


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