Blown kisses

Blown once,

Caught twice,

And Lost thrice,

Are the kisses from my eyes,


Blinking with my sweetest smile,

Will you never see I can’t do rhymes?

And that I kiss with all but my lips,

Because from my lips I speak,

So, don’t mess up with me!


 What are those words I speak?

Coming from my lips, they’re definitely not a kiss,

I speak non-sense and you’re blown-away,

Because you can’t understand a word I say.


How does she kiss if not from her lips, you might ask,

Let me tell you, there’s a secret to that,

Twirling my hair, licking my lips, blinking fast,

shaking my hips, smiling softly, remembering the past,


Never noticed, and that’s why they are;

Blown once,

Caught twice,

And lost thrice,

Because real kisses have a price. 


(It’s kind of confusing I know, I was writing really random stuff and I put them together and this is what came out of it! Tell me what you think!:D) 


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