30.3.13-An update!

I know I have to keep up with the Confidence Project because it’s been a while since I last wrote about it. But, I think there are some other things that are more important at the moment. So, it’s Easter break! Yay! I’m enjoying it so much, to be honest. I’m in Spain and the weather is amazing. Even if I’m here for less than a week, it’s serving me as a good escape from my everyday life. I go running every day near the sea, with music to keep me going. I’m loving the food. There’s no chance you won’t like something if you go to a restaurant really. Then, I saw my family and spent a couple of days with them. Everything is extremely cheap and it’s so sunny. It’s kind of weird actually; coming to Spain usually makes me 10 times happier. I don’t know if it’s because I’m normally on vacations when I’m there or because it’s my home country or what, but I become instantly much happier. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there are two things that I truly value; balance and positivity and that’s what I get here. Good food but I still keep myself healthy, a good social life with people I haven’t seen in quite a long time, I still do schoolwork, I’m making things I’ve always wanted to do, happen, I still care about people, the sunshine, the atmosphere, the openness of people. And I’m already planning goals and things I want to accomplish during the summer. Okay, this entry is probably a little boring to read but I just wanted to share this somewhere and there’s no better place than thejourneyofmythoughts.


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