I tell myself:”At 17:30, you’re going to start writing your speech for french” and guess what? It’s 20:07 and I still haven’t started. The thing is I have a bunch of work these days and if I keep delaying it, I will be and already am struggling to get it done in time. So, why is she writing about this? Well, Im trying to convince myself to do it, and this is thejourneyofmythoughts where most of my thoughts end up going. It almost feels as if I don’t tell someone I’m going to do my homework, I will not do it. So, now. I’m going to write my speech for french and will finish it today even if that requires torturing myself. Hahaha! Otherwise, what am I gonna do when I get to university? Also, if you managed to read this much, there’s this website called which offers university courses for free to anybody. I just made an account and I’m excited for my course to start! I joined a course about genes and biotech, so check the website out! You might find something for yourself 🙂 Okay, okay now. What am I talking about? I can’t aspire to this without doing my homework. Small steps to reach to the bigger thing. Now, french awaits.


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