Hello there! I just realized I haven’t written in a long time and there a lot of things I have to say. First thing: I changed the layout of the blog! Now there are categories and the blog looks different! Yayy! I mean, it had to be done! I like it more this way 🙂 But, wow. Who would’ve said it’d take such a long time to sort all of the posts into categories? As I was doing so, I noticed that my writing skills improved so much and so did the content of my blog posts. Also, I noticed how much I’ve changed and I found it pretty scary considering how much I will have changed in a year or so, if I keep changing so much. Still, I think I changed for the better and I’ve grown up. My followers that have been there right from the beginning probably noticed how much I’ve changed as well. There’s an aspect of my life I’ve never told you guys about. I have scoliosis and that taught me a lot of things and I think it really shapes who I am now. And so, I had to write a memoir for English and guess what I wrote about? Scoliosis! I will be posting the memoir as soon as I get the grade because my teacher might google a sentence or two to see if I copied or something. You never know. If that happened, he’d find my memoir here and he’d find my blog, and he’d get to know me perfectly! That sounds kind of scary and creepy I think. Anyway, it takes him a long time to mark stuff so let’s hope I can put it up here next month! 

But um yeah. Life is good 🙂


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