The Confidence Project (V)

It’s almost been a month! But don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about this at all. I’m going to try organize my blog into different categories, so posts are more accessible. I know I should’ve probably done that earlier but I’m not very organized. Actually, I’m organized in my own way, as long as things are organize in my head, the rest doesn’t matter. Anyhow, this project is about to end. There’s a week or so left, so these days I’ll be writing more often. Today I want to talk about OBSTACLES. Yup, life is full of them. Some obstacles might include; people putting you down through your journey or you, completely losing yourself at certain points. Throughout my journey, I’ve been called insecure and I’ve been told I had to change in other aspects. The best way to deal with these things is to act confident and not give two fucks. Who cares about what they say? They don’t know the truth behind you. If they knew, I bet they would shut the fuck up. Bear with my swearing, I can’t stand it when people are selfish, tactless or ignorant. So, remember: only you know the truth. I understand this, probably, isn’t very helpful but I recommend you give yourself time if someone brings you down. Then you’ll realize what I’m talking about and that you’re worth a lot more than a couple of insensitive critics. Also, to the second point I made; losing yourself in this journey… Time is the key as well. What I’ll say now might not make any sense to you but we become more confident as time goes by. Time heals everything. Same thing happens with small obstacles, except for the fact that luckily since they are smaller than the actual journey, you’ll need less time to recover! Give it time. 
Now, I personally think that summaries kind of help recap and process information, so here are the points in short:
-Obstacles will come in the way, but you must be stronger than those obstacles and face them with confidence
-Time will help you recover from downfalls as well as become more confident. Time is one of the keys to this journey
My next posts ( I might write some today) will be about appearing confident, doing things with confidence, speaking in public, and happiness and its contribution to confidence. However, before that I want to sort out my blog posts and write a little update perhaps. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and that you found it helpful! Please, comment telling me what you think! That would absolutely make my day, and if you followed thejourneyofmythoughts… well that would make my year! It’s great to know that there are people reading this behind a screen. So, please please please give me your opinion! This one is very much appreciated 🙂 


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