The Confidence Project (VI)

Alright, so I don’t know if I’ve talked about this but one of the key aspects to being more confident is to appear and act confident. It sounds very hypocritical, doesn’t it? However, now that we’ve learnt to love ourselves from the inside, we have to change our “external life”. At the beginning you might feel it’s a lot about acting but before anything, I’ll explain what I mean by acting confident because it might seem like I’m using the term loosely. What I mean is that we are sure about what we say or do, or at least appear to be even if we truly aren’t. We have to do things being sure of what we are doing and trusting ourselves. For me (a teenager), a big part of this applies to schoolwork and some social situations. For example, I used to find it quite challenging to work on something quickly and productively because I’d always be thinking, “Am I doing the right thing?” “Is this what my teacher wants?” “If I do this, will it be successful?” or I’d ask my friends to check all my schoolwork, give me their opinions, etc for pretty much every single assignment . Well, if you do the same thing, quit that just like I did. It isn’t helping. In fact, your work is going to be just as good or even better (which was my case) if you stop the insecurities and get on with it. I’d also find it difficult to present in front of people I know. I would always be wondering stuff like “Oh no! What are they going to think of me?” or “What if they make questions and I don’t know how to answer?”. To this, I say… you have to be confident. It’ll be a lot about acting and pretending at the beginning, but then, it’ll automatically become a part of you because you will inculcate this habit to yourself and also, appreciate or value yourself more for changing so radically. About social life? Well, sometimes we’re shy or too self-conscious! Speak your mind up. You only live once. YOLO. (I’m joking, I’m not like this) Be a little ignorant, don’t give a shit about people sometimes. It’ll help you. I’m not saying you should just forget and not mind their opinions at all. Some of them do take into account, some of them don’t. As you go through your journey, you’ll find out which ones you have to care about. If you’re not a teenager, I’m guessing you’d face this confidence problem when it comes to interacting with people at your office, presenting an issue, or just getting stuck with work. Again, it’s more of the same thing but in a different context. Confidence is a quality and it’s the same in everybody. This is why I believe this guide or thoughts or whatever this is applies to everybody in general.

I like summaries! Let me give you one on this post.

-Now that you’ve changed your inner self, it’s time to change your external figure
-Act confident until it becomes a part of you
-Think of the things you’re missing out by being insecure
-Trust yourself and pop that bubble that’s making you be so opaque!

There are some planned posts I’ve got left to write like happiness and its contribution to confidence, how this project helped me (a little reflection on it), and of course, the side effects! If you liked this post, please feel free to check out the other posts I wrote about this project. They might help you too. Please, comment on what you think about this project and if there’s any other requests you have. I would love to get some feedback! Have a good day, and see you soon. 🙂


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