The Confidence Project (VII)

I was a little behind so I’m writing two and perhaps three posts on the same day! Yaaay! Hahaha! Okay, let’s get started. On this post, I want to talk about confidence and how overall happiness helps. I’m going to talk about types of happiness on one of my updates either today or tomorrow. But I guess that since I mentioned it, I should talk about it briefly. Well, I think that the best way to be confident and stay confident, is to be happy. How can we be happy? That’s a good question. It really depends on the person. Personally, I love balance, not necessarily organization, but balance. I try to give health, exercise, social activity, education, family, good actions, interests, and so on, time according to its importance. This is how I’m happy. So, that’s what I do. When I’m happy, I’m enjoying life, I love myself, and I’m not worried. Then, it is when I’m absolutely confident because I don’t need to be insecure, in order to meet certain expectations. Now I ask you, “What makes you happy?” Got it? Cool. Now be happy, forget about confidence, and you’ll be confident without even thinking about it. As stupid as it sounds. Try it out and you’ll understand.

This post is quite straightforward. But, what I’m basically trying to say is “Live and be happy, and you’ll see a change in your confidence”

Please read some of my posts on this project if you found this helpful. Give me feedback and join me in my journey. I have more posts coming up!


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