The Confidence Project (VII)

I was technically supposed to have finished this project 5 days ago, but… I had to pack for France and I am back from the trip now!  Anyway, the project is “over” but it really isn’t and will never be. I have to make sure I follow the things I’ve told you and myself on all of these posts. Plus I still have to polish my confidence if you know what I mean. Thanks to this project, I built some confidence up but it’s all over the place. Sometimes I lose it, sometimes I seem to find it. The good thing about it is that it’s there though. I think that pulling it altogether will take some time and that I can’t force myself to do so, it’s more of a thing that’ll happen as time goes by (a change that happens by itself) , but as of now, I’m quite happy. I accomplished something, independently once more.

Looking at it from a global perspective… there are several possible side effects and outcomes of this journey! You could be like me but you could also become overconfident or even arrogant. I’m still humble and down-to-Earth, and that is to me my way of being and how I want to be but then of course, everybody is different! Hopefully, you don’t become arrogant when all you want to be is more confident.

How can I end this project? I don’t know. All I can say is that it was and it is a process without a start nor an end.


2 thoughts on “The Confidence Project (VII)

  1. When I have more time I will read through all of the posts related to this, but this is really cool what you’re doing! The Confidence Project is a great idea, and I feel like you could make something bigger out of it, maybe a group or event of Facebook or something to get these thoughts out there! Love your work! Keep it up!

    • Aww thank you 🙂 You’re way too nice. The fact that you check my blog and comment means so much to me. I really appreciate it. That’s a great idea. I might want to start a facebook page! The problem is that I don’t have that many followers, but oh well. It’s the thought that counts and if I open one, I might get more. You never know. Thanks for your support! 🙂 x

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