Remember when…?

Memories. They bring people, laughter, feelings, places, and events altogether to construct a part of your past and even present. I could close my eyes and go back to the good times or make the bad times good. Wait, I have an idea! Let’s do this together. Memories; think of your family, friends, or even strangers and the experiences you shared with them. You just got a small essence of your life, am I right? AND it felt good. Now, I want you to think of a specific memory. It could be anything, as small as a sentence that somebody said that stuck to your mind or as big as a period of time which was special to you.

For example, right now I can’t help but think of the countless hours I spent on the bus with my friends in France. (Cultural trip!) I play the songs we used to play on the bus and a lot of things just come back to me. I’m also thinking about my little cousin. She’s 6 and she’s turning 7 next month. I remember when she was telling me about her “boyfriend” and how he kissed her.

I don’t know. Sometimes I get lost in the past and can’t live in the present. But I love it. I love looking back at things. It gives me strength and happiness.

Okay. Do you have your memory yet? If you’re having a tough time finding one (although I don’t think you shouldn’t), listen to music or look at old photos. They’ll draw a smile on your face!

So, now that you have your memory… replay it in your head. Feel it all over again. Let yourself enjoy this feeling. I’m sure you forgot about your life at the moment. Don’t forget that this memory is yours. That nobody has the exact same memory, even if they’re part of it and can remember it, they’ll see it differently. So, hold onto your memories 🙂


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