4.5.13- An update

Hello there! 20 days of school left. Yes, I’m already keeping a countdown. I have to say that there’s a lot of work coming up for me but I’m okay with it. My positive thinking is starting to happen! Woohoo! Hahaha! I finally started the course I enrolled at Coursera and I’m loving it. I really recommend all of you to sign up and try some courses if you like learning new things. I have an MUN conference on tuesday and wednesday and I’m not even halfway through my resolution! I’m going to have my butt off tomorrow because I also have other things to do. Ahh. I can’t wait for summer just so I’m not so busy with things. It’s not that I’m stressed, I’m just busy and don’t get lots of free time. And I mean, who doesn’t like free time? But umm, yeah. Things are going well overall and I’m happy enjoying my present, replaying memories and thinking of my future. Just living life.


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