Why and Because of Now

A shiver is going through my body now that I’m questioning why and I’m trying to find a ‘because..’. Why do we miss things? Why do we worry? Why do we care? Why do emotions control us at times? I want to come to a conclusion but hmm, it’s tough to find an answer to something that’s been there forever. I could just say that we do these things because we are humans. Soo? Why do humans worry? Why do humans miss? Why do humans care? Why do emotions control humans? Think about it. That doesn’t answer anything. However, there’s no other way to put it. I could go with the scientific explanation. Like sure, we release hormones and brain chemicals but that isn’t the answer I’m looking for because then, that would mean that we would be completely powerless to these things and that they’d end up ruling us. Maybe that’s the case. But I still don’t want to think it is. I want to think I have some degree of control. I put it to you that it’s because we, as humans, think, (perhaps overthink), we love, we hate, and because we can’t focus. The first three are the route of everything yet the fact that we can’t focus is what makes things affect us as individuals more than they should. What do I mean we can’t focus? Yes, I should clarify that. We don’t focus on the “here and now”. We never do. Our minds are often somewhere else. Either somewhere in the past or somewhere in the future. Let us cut the roots of problems and focus, so we don’t water them.
If you’re wondering… this is what I do when my thoughts don’t make sense at all. I write them down and more thoughts come as the other ones have already been processed earlier. By writing, I come to the most amazing conclusions 🙂


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