Malie’s eyes

In the streets of Gyutsma, she was dodging people as she walked weakly. Tears were falling down Malie’s eyes. She was only 9 years old and she felt powerless without her mom by her side. All she could remember was that she was supposed to wait for her at the farigne but for some reason, she missed it and continued walking in the wrong direction.

The farigne was known as the place of laughter by everyone in Gyutsma. People that hadn’t seen each other in a long time met there and laughed together at everything and anything. Also, there were those people who saw each other around there often; people who exchanged banal  and funny stories, which they would later on that day recall and smile at.

But she wasn’t part of those people because she was lost. She couldn’t laugh because she wanted to cry. What was she supposed to do by herself? Malie stopped walking as she realized that the more she walked, the further away she would most probably get from her mother. She wiped off her tears and looked around. The silence in the streets was wonderful.  People walked down the street happily but no words were ever exchanged. A couple of smiles were, but no more. Still, the atmosphere was so happy and positive that social interaction wasn’t very much needed. Anybody else would’ve loved this but Malie didn’t. She wanted to scream in anxiousness, in desperation. Everything was so contradicting to her. The external view of Gyutsma was happy and something that every city would desire. And then, there was her. Living in this city and feeling the complete opposite. She felt as if she didn’t belong there. However, she was convinced that if her mom was there, she would feel differently.

What was she supposed to do? In school, they taught her what to do when she got lost; run to the forest and sing for Pycharsa. And so, she did.

Pycharsa was the godess of childhood. She lived in the trees as trees were a sign of growth. Gyutsmaics believed that Pycharsa would take care of children when these ones were in need. She would give them love, comfort, joyfulness, care, help, and spirit. Childhood was considered the most important part of life in Gyutsma because they believed that all ideas were derived from childhood. Therefore, Pycharsa was one of the most important goddesses.

Malie sat under she shade of a tree and murmured in tears:

“Pycharsa, Pycharsa, Pycharsa,
inside trees our virtues rest,
you rest, Pycharsa,

Once more, I am lost,
lost in tears,
lost from my mother,
lost from my city,
lost from myself,

Where is my way back home?
Where will I find my life again?

Give me strength,
Give me strength.”


6 thoughts on “Malie’s eyes

  1. This is my attempt at writing a short story. The plot might be a little messed up because I didn’t even plan what I was going to write. It just wrote itself! Please, please, please give me some feedback! 🙂

  2. AGH I love this. The ending made me want more, because it seems like the story could branch out on a variety of tracks depending on whether you lean towards reality or fiction. I really like how you establish a completely different culture in a couple of paragraphs. Awesome story!

  3. And I can totally relate to a story writing itself. I’ve written some stories with pretty dark themes, and looked back and I think, “How the heck did I get here?” I’ve written pages without paying much attention because you create the characters and the culture, and then the characters personalities and their cultural limitations end up writing the story. That’s how I feel at least.

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