Music reflection!

Why is music so important? Why are there certain songs that we are fond of, and some others that we don’t like so much? The first question might perhaps be easier to answer than the second one. Music is a part of culture, a part of people, an art, a form of expression, effort and work. And this list goes on forever depending on who you are and what you’ve lived. This second question, however, is the one I’m thinking about at the moment.
As you might have read from my previous post, I’m moving back to my ‘home country’ after having lived in Finland for 4 years of my short 14 year long life.
The thing is I’m the kind of teenager who listens to music before they sleep. This is a total adventure, if you ask me. Music has the power to bring things back to you, like memories, people, feelings, moments, etc. I realized that some of the more beautiful, slow songs brought me to tears this week. Songs like Don’t Speak or Fix You or Let her go had the power to do that. I’m staying away from them because they’ll make me feel sad or as I’d say it, ‘ they’ll make me feel like shit’. And so now, I was looking for music that could give me strength and hope to deal with this situation in the best way possible. I found a couple of songs I could listen to. Songs that I have a strong connection with and that are a big part of me, even if they have nothing to do with the situation I’m in right now. How many songs can I say these are? Exactly two. Therefore, I was trying to look for some other songs on the internet that will give me motivation. But I didn’t find anything. Nothing was as powerful as these two songs. Forcing myself to listen to music people say are supposed to help me did not help at all. There’s nothing joining me and these songs together. What happened then? I gave up. I decided I would replay the two songs I know will help me until I fall asleep. That’s what I’ll do. In case you’re wondering, these two songs I’m talking about are Try by P!nk and Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield. I’m pretty sure I’ve posted them before but why not give them the importance they deserve?

Anyhow, after this happening to me, I concluded that music just comes into your life randomly. And that it’s the music that you grow with and the one that you are attached to, that will have the greatest impact on you. The random songs. That’s why you can’t force yourself to listen to some music on the internet and expect yourself to fall in love with it right away. Let life go on and music shall come along.


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