Sophie’s World- Book quote

I was going through my drafts and I found a quote from Sophie’s World that I wanted to share with all of you. If you read the book review I wrote on the book (you can find it here ), then you’ll realize that even if this book made me a little bored, it had some kind of impact on me. Anyhow, here’s the quote:

“To children, the world and everything in it is new, something that gives rise to astonishment. It is not like that for adults. Most adults accept the world as a matter of course. This is precisely where philosophers are a notable exception. A philosopher never gets quite used to the world. To him or her, the world continues to seem a bit unreasonable – bewildering, even enigmatic. Philosophers and small children thus have an important faculty in common. The only thing we require to be good philosophers is the faculty of wonder…”

Personally, I love this quote. I love the idea behind it and how this one is explained. It tells us so many things. First of all, the importance of curiosity to be an active thinker, or as they put it, “a philosopher”. One more thing it tells us is that we can’t take things for granted. We just can’t. Unless we want to be stupid adults.

So many things cross my mind when I read this quote. And so I read it again. And again. And again. I can’t tell exactly what it is, but there’s something special about this quote.


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