My little cousin

Here is a little poem I wrote for my cousin. She’s 7 and it’s in Spanish. But it’s basically toy-themed and also, nature-themed. It’s about creating our own imaginative universe- in which nothing makes sense-, having things in common, how I’ll be there for her when she needs me and how I want her to create her life with me in it, but I don’t exactly want to be her example. I want to give her the tools she needs and for her, to make decisions and make what she wants of life. She’s like my sister and I love her to death. I think that we sort of inspire each other and I love that. After the poem, there’s a picture of the two of us which was taken a year ago, but I still think it’s really cute.

“De prima hermana a hermana prima,

Mi bateria le doy para que la moto de Ken conduzca,
La dejaré chocarse,
Pero mi socorrista siempre ira a su rescate,
Papel y colores le daré,
Para que pinte su propio cielo.

Que encuentre la tierra y el cielo,
Que riegue la tierra con las lagrimas que derroche en el cielo,
Que haga el aire y el fuego suyos,
Que se parezcan a los mios,
Que juntas creemos un universo.

Un universo secreto,
donde los peluches son reyes,
Y Ken y Barbie sirvientes,
Donde las plumas son nuestros maestros,
Enseñandonos a volar y a escribir.

Sin sentido pero sintiendo,
Jugamos con fuego,
Aunque anhelamos el agua,
Nos dejamos llevar por el viento,
Aunque tengamos los pies en la tierra,
Hasta que podamos crear nuestro universo”

Photo on 6-29-12 at 11.15 AM #2


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