Things are going well overall.
I’m glad I broke that social barrier I had before. Everyone is pretty normal. No need to worry. They don’t find you weird, you don’t find them weird either. Perfect. I feel like it just had to happen, and I’m glad it did. I feel so relieved.

I’ll be taking a train and going back to my summerhouse most probably tomorrow morning. I have a bunch of posts planned and  everything but the internet connection here is quite crappy so uploading more than one picture isn’t an option. Since I’m going back tomorrow, by thursday morning I should have enough internet to publish the posts I have planned.

I can’t wait to tell you guys what I’ve been up to and all the summer plans I have. My dad and I are planning to do something really cool together! But I can’t tell you yet. That will have its own separate post. And, I have a lot to study this summer as well. Yay. Not because I’ve failed any subjects, but because I haven’t studied the things they have at my old school. What am I doing? I’m spoiling the upcoming posts! I have also tried to vlog a lot lately so once I’ve  adapted to my new school and everything (by october I’m hoping), I’ll be posting a cool video with all my vlog entries on the moving process to wrap it all up. That should be good. It’ll be a lot of work, but definitely worth it. I feel like it’ll almost be as making a gift for myself to have something to look back to.

I’m excited for the summer and quite happy. I’m passionate about blogging and that’s what I do here. If you’ve read my summer goals (find them by clicking here), one of my goals was to reach 100 followers. I had around 40 when I thought of this goal and now I have 69.(Hahaha! Okay that’s not funny, it’s immature) I couldn’t thank you all enough for this. It means so much to me and seeing all of your blogs does too. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’d love to get to know you all better so remember, we are an email away. Have a lovely day, everyone!


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