Words To…Wonders!

WordsToWondersChallenge. TheEditingGirl and I have been collaborating on a couple (fine, more than that) of posts and here’s the first one! We’d love to get as many people involved as possible. We will be posting our responses to the challenge sometime this month, that is when we get them done. But we want you to get started! Here are the guidelines:

TheEditingGirl and I have come up with the WordsToWondersChallenge. We encourage all of you to participate because the challenge involves a lot of creativity and we’d love to see a wide variety of posts! Here’s how it works:

– Every month we’ll post a random word. It’ll be weird and you probably (hopefully) won’t know what it means.

– You are not allowed to look up the meaning under any circumstances. Otherwise, you’ll be cheating and the challenge will lose its entire purpose.

– It is up to you how you interpret this one word. Use your imagination, you can’t be wrong because the point is that you don’t know what the word means and are giving it your own meaning. Be creative. We accept everything. From art, to music, to writing, to photography, to film. Anything that you feel makes it easier for you to express your thoughts on the word.

– Make sure to tag the post as WordsToWondersChallenge (copy that straight from here if you think you’ll forget, and leave a link in the comments so we and other bloggers get to see it!

– At the end of the month we will choose our favorites and share them on our blogs, so we’ll be promoting your blog and work! Yay!

– If you have any questions you can contact us at theeditingprocess@gmail.com (TheEditingGirl) or thejourneyofmythoughts@gmail.com (Elisichi). We’d love to hear from you!

So you could get more traffic to your blog and if anything you’ll have a fun prompt to create something from!  What are you waiting for? Get started now. The word this month is … LIMERANCE. Remember, don’t look it up!

We ask that you not submit for this word after the 31st, because we will spend the first five days of the month looking through any submissions and posting them to our blogs, and we will give you a new prompt on the 5th of next month!

Good luck!

-TheEditingGirl and Elisichi, your everyday, teenage bloggers


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