Louder than whispers

Why do we care so much about what people think? What’s it to you? Think about it. You have the reputation for blah blah blah in school, and so what? Overall why do we care so much? Is it because we think their judgements are right? Sometimes that might be the case. But most importantly I think it’s because we feel awkward or even ashamed to know our names could be crossing someone’s mind at the moment. Let’s go beyond that though. I’m thinking of people constantly, sometimes I see good qualities in them, and other times, even though I try, I can’t help but judge yet that does not necessarily mean the other person is going through an emotional breakdown or whatever. Perhaps the key really is for you to speak louder than the whispers you fear hearing or fear thinking of. Admit it, that sounds rather easy. Louder than whispers. You might as well stop caring. Live your life. Now it is when I have come to realise that not everybody will like you, yet we are all equal. The ones you love and that care for you are the ones that deserve most of your time. Sure thing you can enrich from talking to different people but the ones that stay always there are the ones that are worthy. 

Just some thoughts on society right there. 


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