Us, Teenagers

We waste way too much time worrying about the tiniest things, don’t you think? We are able to make a big deal out of nothing. Teenagers, including myself, go on shitty moods because of the dumbest things you could ever think of. “I don’t have time to finish a project”, “my average dropped”, “Oh god! That test went so badly”, “Why can’t that guy like me?”, “Why did my friend do that?”, “I really don’t want to go with those people but I feel like I have to”, “I hate all of those cool people, always judging, always talking behind your back”, and whatnot. Holy shit. Ain’t it true, though? We worry, we cry, we suffer, we stress out, because of problems that don’t even exist.

It’s taken me way too long to figure this out. Sure, I knew before but now life and its circumstances makes me want to do something about it. Now, I do want to live my life to the fullest, and I’m seriously going to do whatever it takes.

If I don’t want to go, I will not go.
If it’s not worth it, I will quit.
If I don’t like them, I will stop putting on an act.
I will laugh my heart out. I will wake up on mondays and be happy because who says a monday cannot be the best day of my life? I will love unconditionally because love makes people happy. I will enjoy the feeling of a hot shower in the morning. I will not die working. I will try to make a difference. Because going with the flow does not work.

I am positive for the negative is dark, and why would you not see the beauty out there when there is tons of it?



3 thoughts on “Us, Teenagers

  1. Hey! I have been away from blogging for SOOOOO LONG, and I really miss talking to you! I will somehow find time to catch up with everything you’ve written since I last checked in, but what I’ve seen so far is looking great! How have you been? I am super busy with my Junior year, but I am trying to find time for blogging. I am starting a new series on my blog called Body Talk, and I’d love your thoughts on the idea. We’ve gotta catch up!

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