It was a great day today! I completed my workout in the morning and went out later with a great attitude. I am really really happy. If you would like to check the workout(s) I am following, here you have two links:


I am trying to do both workouts or challenges at once. I did so for 20 days in a row but I quit, so now, I decided to start from the beginning and do it properly since I have a lot more time. YAAAYY SUMMER 🙂 

I would seriously love it if you felt like following the workouts above and blog about it. We could both blog about it. The hashtag used on Twitter is #30dayfitness, so we might as well make it popular here around WordPress. If you are interested, well you can always comment here or contact me by email, this one should be on my gravatar profile if I am not mistaken. 

When I woke up I saw a comment I loved;

“Move forward openly with curiosity and amusement with your passions rather than demands and hopes. Don’t expect it to go as planned but know that the unplanned may lead to the best later. The best is yet to come.” -Erik Conover. Here is a link to his blog: http://erikconover.com/

It’s true. I planned my day and planning it helped me get going. But after waking up to this and after today’s day, I have learnt one thing; You can “plan happiness” in the sense of balance and empowerment, but joy is unexpected and it’s a beautiful emotion that involves more than yourself. Unplanned things are the extra bit of happiness that one cannot miss. Happiness is not only about yourself but also about others. Oh boy, I like the sound of that; I am making it a quote on my next post, which I will do as soon as I finish this one.

By the way, please please if you could recommend some books for me to read, please do! I want to read this summer but I don’t know what to read. I recently read The Fault In Our Stars and loved it. I’m going to watch it in the cinema tomorrow! Yay! If I’m up for it, I will compare the book and the movie vaguely.

This is all I can do for today, I am kind of tired and I want to wake up early tomorrow and get going with life. I am going to give writing some more time tomorrow. Thank you guys for giving me strength and for taking your time to read this. 

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night, wherever you’re reading this. Have a great great day ahead! or if you’re reading this late, sleep well and make the best of tomorrow. 



Advice to myself

I am going to try something new tonight. I say tonight because I don’t know where you live, but it is 1:23 am right now. Whoops! Make a wish. Don’t ask me what I am doing awake at the moment because I don’t really know myself. 

My life is full of ups and downs lately. I hate that so much. Stability is where I find balance and happiness ad that is just how I want my life to be; stable. I want to be confident and take control of situations and do things honestly, which is how I thought things were going about two months ago. But now summer has started and it seems crazy how this time it is not having a positive effect on me, but a negative one. 

My social life has its way of stressing me out at times. I am lazy, I don’t feel like doing anything. Boys suck. It sucks to love someone who doesn’t give two shits about you and it sucks to be loved by someone you don’t really like. You feel bad both ways. Yeah sure, love is about that. Someday you will fall in love with a person and the feeling will be mutual, but as of now, umm yeah; it isn’t. I also feel like I’m not dealing with problems in a good way. I don’t like my attitude towards things that happen to me and how I’m dealing with them. 

It’s not like I overanalyse every single thing, because one cannot live that way. But now I’ve had the urge to do so because I’ve been in a shitty mood for a while now. This has to stop. I can’t get stuck because things aren’t working. I have to get up and make them work because no one else can do that for me.  So now that you pretty much know the situation, I am going to try something out. I am going to disassociate completely from “being me” and I am going to give myself some advice. This has work, right? There cannot be a better person than myself to advice me.


1) As soon as you get up please check this from your phone. Good morning! 
2) Happy wednesday. You felt like things are not working, now you go make them work
3) Play Unwritten on your speakers, close your eyes and listen. Give me one positive thought in the morning.
4) Do not check your social networks yet, sweetheart
5) Go to the bathroom, look at yourself in the mirror and compliment yourself. Give yourself the power to change
6) Have a healthy breakfast 
7) Back to your room. Play some exercise music and do your workout. 
8) Take a shower
9) You have started your day right. It should be almost time for lunch now. Go talk to your mum for a while and appreciate the fact that you have her. Help her out with anything she needs
10) After eating, write a positive thought on a piece of paper and try to remember the one you gave yourself in the morning. Check your social networks for 20 minutes if you like. 
11) Chill, watch a movie or look at diy stuff and do what you wanted to do, but keep yourself busy. Paint your nails orange!
12) Keep in mind some principles:
– Be honest 
-Enjoy people’s company
-Surround yourself with the ones that need you not the ones that don’t. Those can fuck off.
13) You may write if you want. It will make you feel a bit more powerful and worthy. It could be cool if you engaged yourself in a summer project, just to have some motivation. It could be a writing project or otherwise. 
15) Reply to this post, will you? Tell me how today’s day went. 

Let it be a new beginning. 





Dear 2014 Elisa…

Dear 2014 Elisa,

I need to start out by saying that I find writing this quite emotional. I’m getting goose bumps on my arms as I think of everything that I’m about to write. I love you to death and I want you to read this throughout this upcoming year just so you can sort of “keep in touch” with me- the 2013 Elisa.

First things first, let’s look back at this year. It’s been one of the best years of my life so far. The first half was full of thinking about my possible future, uncertainty, and oh god lots of thinking and writing. But most importantly, it was beautiful, I learnt to seize the present and love wholeheartedly. I have learnt the beauty and emotion of friendship. I made the memories I look back at now. Second half was interesting and beautiful too. I became stronger; watched my home turn into a stranger’s house, said goodbye. It was painful yet unforgettable. The pain and the strength were beautiful though, how I said goodbye to my best friends was the best way it could have possible been. Remember? “Alright, let’s not cry because I don’t want you to cry and you don’t want me to cry. Our goodbye needs to be as strong as our friendship, it has to speak for it”. None of us cried, thank you Kai. Oh god, how much I’ve learnt from people! Had it not been because of Kai and I would still be that little insecure girl I was in 7th grade. And Riti. We didn’t cry either. It was hard but worth it, I am tougher now. Perhaps the year I cried the most, but my favourite by far. Look at how it evolved. I quickly learnt that resistance was no good and I adapted because I had no other choice. “Dragging your feet only causes friction-thank you duckling”. Best decision I took, I don’t regret a single thing. I met amazing people, which I’m so happy I got to know. Oh, the beauty of attachments! My roots; my family and my culture. My people. Forgive me if I keep using the word ‘beautiful’, I should try to use synonyms, shouldn’t I? Hahaha! (lovely, marvellous, charming, and whatnot) Oh charming, I love that word; so magical. I can’t help but use the word ‘beautiful’ because this year was just beautiful! If you looked back, don’t you feel like it was like water? Very flowy (not inferring I swam with the stream at all). I adapted to the river channel, and that little bump in the middle had its purpose; it led to an ocean. What a beautiful year! Full of emotion, people, thoughts, and self-development. Don’t deny it girlie, you know yourself it was the best, don’t let go of the memories. Time to look at what you did right and wrong, don’t you think?

I can’t forget to tell you how you were and how you are after the change, because you have changed with the change. Aovubsoubcoau. ß red line! Word sees some spelling mistake I think. Well, in Finland you were determined, hard-working, intriguing, creative, deep, desirous of cultivating yourself, thoughtful, emotional, accomplished, sensible, human a little more closed and awkward so to speak, positive, full of initiative, expressive in your own way, full of life, worthy, more serious and a little proud. I wrote as much as I could because I never want you to forget how you were back then. Don’t forget that people had faith in you, they really did. Even teachers. “Strong persona” “Strong authoritative voice” “talented”. What now? This is on its way to being a new year’s resolution, not saying that I’ll tell you you were shit by the end of the year. Situation and circumstances are things you handled well, but it’s understandable I can’t see how I was before at the moment.  You’re more stressed out but that also means lazier. How? – you might ask. When put under stress, we either “fight or flight” and you’re flying away, not fighting against it! What happened to that initiative? It was characterizing. You can’t lose it. You temporarily misplaced it; hear what I’m saying? You are still deep, sensible, emotional, hard working, determined, accomplished and all that. But this second half of the year you stopped doing something, which you found highly fulfilling, you left your blog aside. That’s very positive for you and I don’t know why you forgot about it. It made you think, express yourself, it made you proud, gave you confidence, it was great. Why get rid of something like that? I loved the values I had earlier, and I want you to have them back. You need to organize yourself and go back to your writing routine. I know it’s been both: a time issue as well as a laziness issue. Translation? You tell me smartass. Organize your time and write, it’s for your sake. You need to go down the right track. Also promise me you won’t lose your quirkiness. It’s not like you have lost it, you still have it and I love it but you’re risking it. Write, please write. On the bright side, you’re more open and more social capable. That was expected. A little happier? Maybe. I’d describe it as simply different though, in a good way. Your ideas have developed as you have developed, that’s good too. One more thing, be careful with your studies. You did a great job this trimester and I’m proud of that, 8.7 average (not your grades, but quite impressive considering it’s a new school and all) And you still stand out so yay! I also feel that this second half of the year made you use your brain way too much, perhaps the way to being happier lies in exercising so you can give your brain a rest and your body some work. But definitely go back to your blog.

I’m proud of how you handled this beautiful year and of what you’ve become. But hey, don’t we love making things better? List of goals? Sure thing, why not?

  • No procrastination
  • Get enough hours of sleep. Quit whatsapp. Try to go to bed at 10:30-11:00- it’s your health
  • Talking about health, please eat more fruit and exercise more. Join a gym maybe? Wouldn’t that be great to recover your initiative?
  • Average of a 9 for this second trimester. Holy we need to look long term. A year- three semesters! Keep it up, okay? All I ask is for improvement now, not numbers. Keep going higher, there’s no limit as to what you can do
  • WRITE. GET BACK TO YOUR BLOG and exploit your creativity
  • Focus on your personal project. Don’t leave it all for the last minute
  • Balance time out, social life, school, yourself
  • Keep loving and holding onto people. Bonds have proven to be important
  • We’re going to keep working on the following virtues: helpfulness, kindness, benevolence, loyalty, thoughtfulness, empathy, determination, compassion, which are virtues you already possess. Don’t leave them behind.
  • We’re going to introduce new principles to work on this year; enthusiasm, energy, (be real- I fear you’ll become fake),
  • Learn how to alienate from stress. You’ll get further if you do. Maybe something on stress on your blog? What do you think?
  • Make an effort to keep in touch with everyone you love
  • Go into handicrafts and art, I think it will make you more dynamic

Looking back at the short resolution you did last year, some things have been accomplished; The Confidence Project was fruitful. Look at you now! You don’t even get that carried away anymore. How often do you actually cry? Once every two months or something! You’re good to go. This year looks promising, you just need to sort out your time, get things done and enjoy. Don’t hurt people in the way. It hurts to say goodbye to this BEAUTIFUL year but I can’t wait to see what you can make of this upcoming year.


Things are going well overall.
I’m glad I broke that social barrier I had before. Everyone is pretty normal. No need to worry. They don’t find you weird, you don’t find them weird either. Perfect. I feel like it just had to happen, and I’m glad it did. I feel so relieved.

I’ll be taking a train and going back to my summerhouse most probably tomorrow morning. I have a bunch of posts planned and  everything but the internet connection here is quite crappy so uploading more than one picture isn’t an option. Since I’m going back tomorrow, by thursday morning I should have enough internet to publish the posts I have planned.

I can’t wait to tell you guys what I’ve been up to and all the summer plans I have. My dad and I are planning to do something really cool together! But I can’t tell you yet. That will have its own separate post. And, I have a lot to study this summer as well. Yay. Not because I’ve failed any subjects, but because I haven’t studied the things they have at my old school. What am I doing? I’m spoiling the upcoming posts! I have also tried to vlog a lot lately so once I’ve  adapted to my new school and everything (by october I’m hoping), I’ll be posting a cool video with all my vlog entries on the moving process to wrap it all up. That should be good. It’ll be a lot of work, but definitely worth it. I feel like it’ll almost be as making a gift for myself to have something to look back to.

I’m excited for the summer and quite happy. I’m passionate about blogging and that’s what I do here. If you’ve read my summer goals (find them by clicking here), one of my goals was to reach 100 followers. I had around 40 when I thought of this goal and now I have 69.(Hahaha! Okay that’s not funny, it’s immature) I couldn’t thank you all enough for this. It means so much to me and seeing all of your blogs does too. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’d love to get to know you all better so remember, we are an email away. Have a lovely day, everyone!

Update -20.6.13

Hey there! I thought I’d give you an update about what I’m up to and also posts that you should be looking forward to. First things first, I’m in Spain now. I wrote about that here though, so click there to see if you’re interested about the whole moving process! Anyhow, I’m going to visit my new school next week so I’ll tell you how that goes. Apart from that, there’s not that much going on really. I can’t wait to see my family, which I should see next week as well! Also, I need to make my summer goals happen. And guess what? I think I want to learn to make bracelets. I know. It’s really weird. But I really want to do that along with some other DIY stuff. I want to make my own DYI! We’ll see how that goes though.

As I mentioned, I have a lot of posts planned. So I’ll briefly tell you about that. I want to write a little post on the friends I made in Finland and what they mean to me! Especially about my two best friends whom I love to the moon and back. Yes, I know I was supposed to do the One Weekend Challenge. But I had some time issues along with the fact that I’m not that much of a photographer. However, I promise you will see some pictures of what my summer in Finland looked like. I am also planning to start vlogging or posting pictures of things I do more frequently. I think this could be interesting for all of you as well as for me to do! About the moving back project, you will have already seen that I wrote a couple of posts. I’m also considering the idea of writing a poem on the mysteries of life and where fate might take us. Also, don’t forget to stay tuned for the book review of switched at birth. As I told you earlier, I had time issues while reading the book so I put it aside. I’m halfway through so I might as well try to finish it today and write the review tonight. This is just so crazy. I have so many things I want to do that I’m just so happy! hahah, okay I’m weird. Anyway, I’ll see you guys later. Thank you for being a part of my journey. Remember that you don’t have to limit yourself to read my blog only. You can get in contact with me, tell me about your summer and share your stories with me by sending me an email. I love it when I get emails from bloggers! You can get to me at thejourneyofmythoughts@gmail.com 🙂 Have a great day!


Hey guys! So many things are happening right now that I’m like, “woah! I have to write so much!”

I have a lot of work and things to do these days even if I’m on vacations:

First of all, I still have to finish that book and write a review for it. I was halfway through it but I stopped because I had a lot of other things to do. So yeah, I’ll get back to it next week hopefully.

I need to work on my friends’ goodbye presents. I have less than a week left until I leave my house to go to a hotel, so I need to finish their presents. I’m getting there though!

On top of that, my schedule is quite tight because I want to hang out with my friends as much as I can before I leave. We are going to the cinema and shopping tomorrow. Then we are planning on having a couple of sleepovers and going to an amusement park. Plus, a foam party! Yes. That’s just cool, I know. I’ll be posting pictures 🙂

What else? Oh yes, I’m working on some collaborative posts with TheEditingGirl! I already made a post about that so I shouldn’t be repeating myself. Here’s the post!

I’m also going to be involved in the One Weekend project. So that’ll basically be me talking about my weekend and taking lots of pictures.

I know it’s kind of crazy that I’m doing so many things at once. But I have to admit they’re all things I personally love and enjoy doing. (REASON #1 TO WORK FASTER! 😀 ) I’m just going to have to find the time to do everything, which I will! I’m so excited. This is going to be an amazing week, doing what I love with the ones I love.

P.S. I have 60 subscribers. 40 more to go! Thank you guys! ❤