Quote of the day- Happiness and joy

“Balance and empowerment can be planned in order to give you happiness, but unplanned events will bring joy into your life. Take control, be happy. Let life take control at certain times, you’ll be even happier. Happiness is hatched within but grows thanks to others. It is rather abstract, but others can contribute to your everyday happiness, by bringing short-timed yet powerful doses of joy. If we are talking about a pyramid, establish the basis of your happiness by finding stability and let people come above that. Always surround yourself with the ones that can be part of this pyramid and bring joyful experiences with their presence. Happiness should not depend on others, but don’t be scared of letting people make you happy to fulfill the abstract concept of happiness. Emotion is beauty. Happiness is not about yourself only. Try your best to be part of others’ pyramids.” – Me. 



Inspiration for Teens

TheEditingGirl and I decided to work on a couple of collaborative posts together. This one is a collection of quotes and songs that we find inspirational and which we think could inspire other teenagers as well. Below, you can find what I came up with. But remember that’s only half of the post, make sure to check her post as well. Here’s a link to it: http://teeneditingprocess.wordpress.com/2013/07/03/inspiration-for-teens/

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re probably right”– Henry Ford

“If you would create something, you must be something” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world”– Albert Einstein

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”– Friedrich Nietzsche

“Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life”– Leo Buscaglia

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched- they must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller

“You’ve got to get out and pray to the sky to appreciate the sunshine; otherwise you’re just a lizard standing there with the sun shining on you.” – Ken Kesey

The quotes I chose are about love, strength, attitude, and life. I really do think that these are quotes to live by. Now, moving onto the songs:

Hall of fame- The Script
Girl On Fire- Alicia Keys
On top of the world- Imagine dragons
Unwritten-Natasha Bedingfield
Good life- One Republic
Firework-Katy Perry

Inspiration and motivation are very linked. If we find inspiration, we’ll be motivated to do something, change something or be something, and viceversa.

And again, a big thank you to TheEditingGirl for being so committed to this collaborative post and for motivating me. Don’t forget to check her post.

∞∞∞∞Inspiration from others lead you to yourself ∞∞∞∞

Quote of the day- 20.6.13

“Be happy you have something worth crying for” – Me

I’m sure somebody else said this before me. But my internet is really slow and I can’t be bothered to look it up. Anyhow, it’s true. If you cry for something, it means that this something matters to you. This something has meaning and value to you. That’s something to be happy about if you think about it.

Sophie’s World- Book quote

I was going through my drafts and I found a quote from Sophie’s World that I wanted to share with all of you. If you read the book review I wrote on the book (you can find it here ), then you’ll realize that even if this book made me a little bored, it had some kind of impact on me. Anyhow, here’s the quote:

“To children, the world and everything in it is new, something that gives rise to astonishment. It is not like that for adults. Most adults accept the world as a matter of course. This is precisely where philosophers are a notable exception. A philosopher never gets quite used to the world. To him or her, the world continues to seem a bit unreasonable – bewildering, even enigmatic. Philosophers and small children thus have an important faculty in common. The only thing we require to be good philosophers is the faculty of wonder…”

Personally, I love this quote. I love the idea behind it and how this one is explained. It tells us so many things. First of all, the importance of curiosity to be an active thinker, or as they put it, “a philosopher”. One more thing it tells us is that we can’t take things for granted. We just can’t. Unless we want to be stupid adults.

So many things cross my mind when I read this quote. And so I read it again. And again. And again. I can’t tell exactly what it is, but there’s something special about this quote.

“Having too muc…

“Having too much to say results in saying nothing at all”-Me

I think we’d all agree this is true. Sometimes we have too much to say that we just shut up and stay quiet. Or, maybe we don’t stay quiet, but our words remain silent and meaningless to someone else’s ears. Thoughts crowd our minds sometimes to a point where words cannot be found to express these thoughts.

I’m glad I once…

I’m glad I once wrote because now I can read myself-Me

Being able to look back at what you once did feels amazing. Comparing who you used to be to who you are now does too. I was supposed to go to bed 1 hour ago but I’m scrolling down my blog as if it was my Facebook News Feed. I’m glad I started writing. Why? Because I like reading.