Faith in humanity

Faith has a beautiful meaning, unquestionably believing something that we might not even to check by any means. Humanity, humans who have evolved to be benevolent. How inspirational are both of these terms! However it just seems that when put together the beauty becomes unclear to the beholder, sort of like getting a new pair of glasses, which at first, may give you a light headache too. Everything just spins and we enter a cycle of senseless thought. Listen to the word “humanity”, starts strong, ends weak. Some minds have more faith than others. Corruption only exists in the government, and in the democratic system- you hear people say. Still, they don’t realise that we are all corrupt in one way or another. People kill, people steal, people rape, people break laws. For others, there might be no question. We make mistakes but we all develop into better human beings. We have had racial issues like the Apartheid or the Holocaust, but now our society is different, people have the same rights. Yet the prejudice still exists in our society. Changing laws does not mean changing the mindset of people. To what extent should we have faith in humanity? Now it might be your turn to rethink some of this. Can you see through the lenses? Are they giving you a headache? Perhaps need a change in glasses?

Social situations

After having been in a couple of social situations, (Okay fine, only one) I’m starting to get the hand of this. People are generally flexible and open over here. The key to success here is confidence and flexibility.

As long as I’m not worried about whether people will like me or not, I should be fine. If I’m myself, people will like me more than if I’m too afraid of showing myself and act weird instead. I understand that it’s okay for doubts to arise at some point, but that is it. No more bullshit.

By flexibility (for lack of a better word) I mean making myself comfortable around people even if I feel like I don’t know them that well. This is really important because otherwise my confidence and other good qualities of myself aren’t going to shine through me. I know that you gain trust with time, and that you become comfortable around certain people with time also. But if they think I’m not comfortable, they will immediately and subconsciously be uncomfortable around me.

My next step is to become more open. I am an open person by nature. I just think that I’m not that open these days because there are a lot of things going through my mind. I just need to live, goddammit.

No worries, no regrets, no second-guessing; Let life give me its opportunities, I’ll make the decisions.

Fear and worries- Moving back

Moving back scares and excites me at the same time. I’m in Spain now but I’m at my summer house not where I’ll end up living and going to school. Surely things are great here but I don’t know how they will be two cities away. I’m going to be visiting the place I’ll call home on Monday. They should show me around the school one day, and well then I have two other days when I will be completely free. What does that mean? I get to see my “friends” from 6th grade or whatever whom I haven’t spoken to in a while.

It’s not like I’m socially awkward or anything but the thought of this scares me. It’s like first impressions all over again. I feel sort of lost, in a way. I don’t know what to expect of people and I don’t know what they expect of me. I don’t really know the place very well or the customs. Yes, I know I’m technically Spanish but I haven’t lived in Spain for a very long time; I haven’t grown up here. I just don’t know things very well. And since I’m Spanish, coming here reminds me that there’s a part of me that I’m missing; my culture. That is how people interact with each other, their habits, their customs, their social behavior, their expectations, etc. It could even be the way they dress! I know that’s ridiculous. But we need to admit that the society we live in today is quite judgmental. That’s it. It’s fear of the unknown. But what is there to fear if I don’t know?

I think that this is just a part of the moving back process I have to deal with, face, adapt to and whatnot. I suppose that going there for a couple of days will make the whole moving back (when that fully happens in September) a little easier. It’s all a process of getting to know my culture and adapting my life to it to make the best of my life there. This is just the beginning. I need to keep the right attitude to get on with life and all the things it’s giving me.

So, after thinking about it, I realized that my summer can’t be filled with worries and fear, but instead, change, flexibility, strength, initiative, love, wisdom, creativity, and FUN. I mean, who doesn’t love a little fun?

Switched at Birth: My Life in Someone Else’s World- Review

So, I’ve finished reading the book and the review is done! It’s a little too long (maybe) but feel free to read it if you like. Here it is:

Switched at Birth: My Life in Someone Else’s World is a short non-fictional autobiographical novel; in other words, a memoir written by Frederick J.George. It contains 204 pages. As the title depicts, it tells the story of two boys who were switched at birth, or as the author sometimes put it, “given to the wrong family”. This switch changes their lives or their ‘supposed’ lives in so many aspects such as religion, ethnicity, social status, cultural traditions and beliefs. However, the paths of these two boys inexplicably cross a multiple number of times until at 57, they figure that they were switched at birth. This memoir is great as both its content and the author’s insights are very interesting. However, considering the fact that it is a non-fictional book and therefore, doesn’t have that much tension or conflict (instead, its somebody’s life told from their perspective), some of his memories and family history can get a little boring to read.

Throughout the book, the author takes us on his journey of life. A journey that is full of doubts, ironic coincidences, experiences, growth, the feeling of not belonging and being different, but most importantly he shows us the essence of life itself; more concretely, his life. Throughout this memoir, we encounter several ‘themes’ amongst them would be violence, cars, jobs, rugby, and of course, family itself. At the beginning, he tells us a little bit of both of his families’ backgrounds- his biological family and the family that brought him up-. In my opinion, this really discouraged me from reading it. I felt that it was too factual and ‘plain’. I also felt that he gave unnecessary details to the reader like history about places where his great grandparents were from. However, I understand that it is a memoir and so, the author is free to express as many things from his life or related to it as he wishes to. In my opinion, the book got better as I read on. After some of the chapters he writes about his ancestors and routes, he starts writing about how his switch’s and his paths cross and simply, about his life. The series of events is generally chronological but the author sometimes sets a tone in which you’d think he’s talking to you, and so he takes the freedom to relate past events to the one he’d be writing about. This is good though. I didn’t lose the sense of time in his life and I understood the connection between different parts of his life, which ultimately led to him. The idea of this book is fantastic and so is the approach. Why not talk about your own life when you have so much to say? Anyhow, this book had some good aspects but I also found some bad ones.

Let’s start with the bad first. As I was reading, I encountered some grammatical errors, which disturbed my reading. For example, a very common one was the use of the word “there” instead of “their”, or the use of the word “were” in place of “where, and vice versa. There weren’t that many really and it’s not like I’m a grammar Nazi. It’s simply that I had to stop, look back and understand what the sentence really wanted to say. This stopped the ‘flow’ of my reading and so; I had to get the right pace again. Also I said earlier, I don’t particularly enjoy the importance he gives to ancestors he hasn’t even met himself. It’s a little useless to the reader and boring to read. Something else that I encountered –this is definitely not the author’s fault- was the layout of the eBook on my kindle. I’m guessing it was the file conversion that made this happen. I don’t know if it’s the same for other electronic reading devices, but on a kindle, the pictures and the text weren’t where they were supposed to be. This layout issue isn’t that bad though. You can still read the book without any difficulties. So if you have a kindle and want to read this book, don’t let that stop you.

Now, moving onto positives. To be honest, the positives outnumber and outweigh the negatives by far. The author has impressive insights and thoughts as well as a definite writing voice. The memories he writes about are generally interesting and entertaining to read. On top of that, now that I look back, even if the series of events is chronological, the author finds his way around that to avoid revealing how he finds out about the switch. He only reveals this at the end of the book, which I find extremely practical to keep the readers interested. I also really like how the author makes a clear distinction of the two families and their personality traits. The author successfully links this experience to a global significance as a conclusion. This works extremely well.

In conclusion, this memoir- like any other- teaches us about someone else’s life. So if you’re somebody who enjoys reading memoirs like me, then I highly recommend you reading this book. It will be highly beneficial to you as an individual. Even if you’re not a ‘memoir person’, you should definitely give this book a try. Even if there are some cons to it, as I briefly explained, it’s well structured and has great ideas and thoughts behind it.

Update -20.6.13

Hey there! I thought I’d give you an update about what I’m up to and also posts that you should be looking forward to. First things first, I’m in Spain now. I wrote about that here though, so click there to see if you’re interested about the whole moving process! Anyhow, I’m going to visit my new school next week so I’ll tell you how that goes. Apart from that, there’s not that much going on really. I can’t wait to see my family, which I should see next week as well! Also, I need to make my summer goals happen. And guess what? I think I want to learn to make bracelets. I know. It’s really weird. But I really want to do that along with some other DIY stuff. I want to make my own DYI! We’ll see how that goes though.

As I mentioned, I have a lot of posts planned. So I’ll briefly tell you about that. I want to write a little post on the friends I made in Finland and what they mean to me! Especially about my two best friends whom I love to the moon and back. Yes, I know I was supposed to do the One Weekend Challenge. But I had some time issues along with the fact that I’m not that much of a photographer. However, I promise you will see some pictures of what my summer in Finland looked like. I am also planning to start vlogging or posting pictures of things I do more frequently. I think this could be interesting for all of you as well as for me to do! About the moving back project, you will have already seen that I wrote a couple of posts. I’m also considering the idea of writing a poem on the mysteries of life and where fate might take us. Also, don’t forget to stay tuned for the book review of switched at birth. As I told you earlier, I had time issues while reading the book so I put it aside. I’m halfway through so I might as well try to finish it today and write the review tonight. This is just so crazy. I have so many things I want to do that I’m just so happy! hahah, okay I’m weird. Anyway, I’ll see you guys later. Thank you for being a part of my journey. Remember that you don’t have to limit yourself to read my blog only. You can get in contact with me, tell me about your summer and share your stories with me by sending me an email. I love it when I get emails from bloggers! You can get to me at 🙂 Have a great day!

First impressions on leaving

As I write this, I’m on the plane heading to Spain. I should be there in around 2 hours. It’s easy to leave, right? I mean, you just take a flight and it takes you 5 hours to get there. Apart from all the packing and stuff, of course. But I find it weird how it literally takes that much time to leave something behind and for new things to come into your life.  It all happens too quickly. More quickly than my mind could possibly grasp it.

These days have been tough. I’m glad to say that I think they were the worst of this entire moving process and that they’re over.  First of all, saying goodbye (or see you in a while) to the people that became crucial to my life. Then, we have packing, which adds onto it. I thought it’d be easier than it actually was. But it wasn’t. As I packed, I found all sorts of things that gave me memories. Memories of people or even places that I was attached to, after 4 years. Also, when I saw all my furniture being packed by the Cargo people, it was just like they were taking a piece of me. When my house was left empty, so was I.

Hey, wait. I have something good to say about these days though. I haven’t cried when I had to say goodbye to the people that I loved the most. I left laughing happily and made the most of my time there. So I’m extremely happy about that. One of the best things I could’ve truly asked for.

Anyway, it seems to me like time is spinning faster than it should. It’s like; bang. It’s over. But nothing is over in my head. I still can’t believe that I’m not going to go to Finland for a long time. After giving this issue some thought, I came to a lot of conclusions.

-We can’t go against time. Life goes on.  We need to go with time. Unless we want a mental breakdown. And, well, I don’t necessarily want that. I’m a strong person and I accept that it’s completely normal to have felt the way I’ve been feeling this past week. I’m a human being after all. But then again, I don’t want to sink into depression or something. Hahaha! Life teaches us through experience and while it does that, it’s up to us whether we want to make the most of it and enjoy it or not. So now, I’ve decided to go with the flow and live in the moment. It’s summertime. I’m free and there are so many things I have in mind. So, let’s do them.

– Why feel bad about leaving certain people when they are the ones that would never want me to feel bad?  Not worth it. They want me and need me strong. I’ve realized that no matter how much people love me or care for me, they can’t make me stronger or help me because it’s all inside me. It’s me and my thoughts that will truly give me strength to move on. When I say thoughts, I especially mean thinking about these people, appreciating I have them, and thanking whoever is up there for that. I’ve been keeping this attitude for the past two-three days, and so with that, I’ve stopped crying and feeling so bad. In fact, I’m really happy to say I have a lot of worthy people in my life.  At the end of the day, I’ve always known I was a “people’s person” so using that to my advantage in terms of self-control, mood and attitude has helped me so much.  My love for people gives me happiness and strength so that’s great.

What else can I say? Oh yes, let’s look to the future. This is a challenge. Moving away was a challenge and so, moving back is one as well.  Some might argue that it isn’t that big of a challenge. But trust me. It is.  Age issues. I left when I was 11 and I’m coming back now, when I’m about to turn 15. The people I knew before were kids, now they’re in their teens. I have to admit I haven’t kept in touch with most of the people I used to call “friends” here.  And as bad as that sounds, I don’t regret not having done so; not even a little bit. Why? Because now they’re smoking, drinking, doing drugs, etc. Anyway, after the summer, I’ll be going to a different school so yes, I am moving back to the same city, same house, etc. But definitely I’ll get to know other people and my routine will change drastically. I have to admit it’s an interesting move full of opportunities. Still, I need to find those and take them. They won’t be given to me so easily. But I’m excited.

If you’ve managed to read up to here, that’s just incredible. I guess this was some sort of update on the moving process. As you can see, this post attempted to discuss what it really means to leave; physically and mentally. Also, I wanted to somewhat show how thinking, reflecting, and writing can help us develop attitudes and ideas and ease tough situations. It helps us look at it in an objective manner, evaluate situations and look at the bright side of things, which we often tend to ignore. Join me in my adventure and let’s encounter the mysteries and wonders of change together in time.

TheEditingGirl <3

This is why I love WordPress a little more each day. It’s given me amazing opportunities as I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s helped me express and find myself and last but not least, I’m getting to know great people.

TheEditingGirl is one of them. She’s the one I’ve interacted with the most through comments and later, emails. I really enjoyed her posts and I figured she liked mine also. Plus we had so many things in common like the music we liked and other stuff. So I thought “Hey! Why not write a collaborative post?” And that’s what we’ve been working on recently. We had so many thoughts and ideas that along with excitement made us consider the idea of writing several posts together. And… that’s what we’re doing. But I won’t tell you anymore because I don’t want to spoil the posts for you! They’re definitely something you should be looking forward to, as they might require your participation. 😉

Anyhow, this girl has a unique way of thinking and that really shows through her posts. She also lives life to the fullest, like literally. By sharing with us some of her stories, she gives us a little piece of herself, but even if it’s little, it’s really valuable. She has a beautiful insight into people and life itself. Her blog is so worth your time. Click here to go to her blog.


Tell me if you get a notification. I’m trying to see if this is how you tag people. 😉 ❤


How is my life now? It’s great! I have to admit I’m quite happy with how things are going now. Strength, initiative, confidence and positivity being the main principles I have been showing this month, which makes me extremely proud 🙂

Anyhow, my summer started on June 1st. So my first week of summer is almost gone just like that. Crazy stuff. I’ve been hanging out with some friends, going to the beach, going to the park, etc. So you know, making memories and stuff. Hahaha! It’s been amazing so far, enjoying them little things. And there are more things to come; cinema, and I don’t know soo much. I might be posting some pictures!

And guess what? I think I have a little summer writing project. A collection of writing pieces on… MOVING BACK. To Spain. A friend of mine said, moving away is mainstream but moving back isn’t. Everyone assumes it’s easy. So, there we go. It’ll be a collection of creative writing, articles, everything. Anything I feel like writing.

More things I want to talk about. I’ve found my little passion here, on WordPress, blogging. Meeting great and inspirational people and sharing my experiences with the WordPress community. It’s boosted my passion for words and my desire to write. I feel as if this is a wonderful opportunity that started as me being bored on a weekend. It’s an opportunity which has opened a lot of opportunities for me. Recently, I found an offer to write book reviews. I’ll tell you how that works. I’m so excited, you guys have no idea. I’m supposed to get the ebook tomorrow so I can read within two weeks and review it. I’ll make sure to post it on my blog or at least post a link to it. I can’t wait to get the book. This is the one I’m getting.
It looks cool, doesn’t it?

As of now, that’s all I’ve got to say. See you guys lataah.

YOUR Initiative.

If I like writing, I can write;
If I write, I will have something to be proud of;
If I have something to be proud of, I can feel satisfied;
If I’m satisfied, I will have inspiration;
If I have inspiration, I will be motivated to write;
If I’m more motivated to write, I will write.  

Take initiative and follow your passions.

My writing might not be your writing for you. It might be your photography, your art, your music, your reading, your sport, your hobby. Whatever it is, do it. I’ve learnt that it’s never too late to make The Journey Of Your Thoughts into the The Journey Of Your Actions.