Social situations

After having been in a couple of social situations, (Okay fine, only one) I’m starting to get the hand of this. People are generally flexible and open over here. The key to success here is confidence and flexibility.

As long as I’m not worried about whether people will like me or not, I should be fine. If I’m myself, people will like me more than if I’m too afraid of showing myself and act weird instead. I understand that it’s okay for doubts to arise at some point, but that is it. No more bullshit.

By flexibility (for lack of a better word) I mean making myself comfortable around people even if I feel like I don’t know them that well. This is really important because otherwise my confidence and other good qualities of myself aren’t going to shine through me. I know that you gain trust with time, and that you become comfortable around certain people with time also. But if they think I’m not comfortable, they will immediately and┬ásubconsciously be uncomfortable around me.

My next step is to become more open. I am an open person by nature. I just think that I’m not that open these days because there are a lot of things going through my mind. I just need to live, goddammit.

No worries, no regrets, no second-guessing; Let life give me its opportunities, I’ll make the decisions.

I’m glad I once…

I’m glad I once wrote because now I can read myself-Me

Being able to look back at what you once did feels amazing. Comparing who you used to be to who you are now does too. I was supposed to go to bed 1 hour ago but I’m scrolling down my blog as if it was my Facebook News Feed. I’m glad I started writing. Why? Because I like reading.