Life is Work…

Have you guys never noticed that we made of life this stupid vicious cycle where everyone has to work? I’m not trying to sound lazy, but think about it. From a very young age, children are put in school. The moment they are, they start working, whether it is Math or English, but the point is they’re making an effort to learn. Then, we get older, our responsibilities grow more important. We reach a point where we don’t work for ourselves, but we begin working for others. And others work for others. As we grow older, the amount of work and its magnitude increases as well. We are put under so much pressure at times, that I believe we could even call it exploitation. Don’t you think all this work we’re given kind of takes our lives away from us? Why? Why have we created this kind of society where work is the base of everything, when us, humans, generally tend to be lazy?

We have aspirations, and generation after generation, we aspire to bigger things. For some it might be something inspiring, for others it’s just work, after a while I guess. I’ve been thinking about it and I came to all of this. For example, say that many years ago, there’s a kid and he wants money to buy a ball to play with, so he figures he can do simple tasks at home and convince his parents to get paid for doing so. That’s exciting to him. Now, it would stink if we ended up becoming housecleaners.

But then it’s not only that but also our society needs to evolve; it needs to prosper. If it wasn’t for work, we wouldn’t be where we are now. All of this technology, knowledge, medical research doesn’t come from nowhere. It’s all work. Unfortunately, it literally is unsustainable for our society not to go into that vicious cycle of work.

This sort of reflection comes from me; a teenager who’s fed up with work at the moment. Only if you knew how much I need to get done! But I’m here because I feel like everything is so unbalanced if all I do is study, study, and study. I wanted to think and write a little like I used to, and I’m starting to do again. So really the solution to this work thing is to work, disassociate from work, balance things out and try to enjoy what I do if I want to enjoy my life. Because life is work! And it’s what it’s going to be. If I can’t adapt a situation to my needs, then I should stop complaining and perhaps, adapt myself to the situation; something I always end up doing and also end up finding quite enriching.


First impressions on leaving

As I write this, I’m on the plane heading to Spain. I should be there in around 2 hours. It’s easy to leave, right? I mean, you just take a flight and it takes you 5 hours to get there. Apart from all the packing and stuff, of course. But I find it weird how it literally takes that much time to leave something behind and for new things to come into your life.  It all happens too quickly. More quickly than my mind could possibly grasp it.

These days have been tough. I’m glad to say that I think they were the worst of this entire moving process and that they’re over.  First of all, saying goodbye (or see you in a while) to the people that became crucial to my life. Then, we have packing, which adds onto it. I thought it’d be easier than it actually was. But it wasn’t. As I packed, I found all sorts of things that gave me memories. Memories of people or even places that I was attached to, after 4 years. Also, when I saw all my furniture being packed by the Cargo people, it was just like they were taking a piece of me. When my house was left empty, so was I.

Hey, wait. I have something good to say about these days though. I haven’t cried when I had to say goodbye to the people that I loved the most. I left laughing happily and made the most of my time there. So I’m extremely happy about that. One of the best things I could’ve truly asked for.

Anyway, it seems to me like time is spinning faster than it should. It’s like; bang. It’s over. But nothing is over in my head. I still can’t believe that I’m not going to go to Finland for a long time. After giving this issue some thought, I came to a lot of conclusions.

-We can’t go against time. Life goes on.  We need to go with time. Unless we want a mental breakdown. And, well, I don’t necessarily want that. I’m a strong person and I accept that it’s completely normal to have felt the way I’ve been feeling this past week. I’m a human being after all. But then again, I don’t want to sink into depression or something. Hahaha! Life teaches us through experience and while it does that, it’s up to us whether we want to make the most of it and enjoy it or not. So now, I’ve decided to go with the flow and live in the moment. It’s summertime. I’m free and there are so many things I have in mind. So, let’s do them.

– Why feel bad about leaving certain people when they are the ones that would never want me to feel bad?  Not worth it. They want me and need me strong. I’ve realized that no matter how much people love me or care for me, they can’t make me stronger or help me because it’s all inside me. It’s me and my thoughts that will truly give me strength to move on. When I say thoughts, I especially mean thinking about these people, appreciating I have them, and thanking whoever is up there for that. I’ve been keeping this attitude for the past two-three days, and so with that, I’ve stopped crying and feeling so bad. In fact, I’m really happy to say I have a lot of worthy people in my life.  At the end of the day, I’ve always known I was a “people’s person” so using that to my advantage in terms of self-control, mood and attitude has helped me so much.  My love for people gives me happiness and strength so that’s great.

What else can I say? Oh yes, let’s look to the future. This is a challenge. Moving away was a challenge and so, moving back is one as well.  Some might argue that it isn’t that big of a challenge. But trust me. It is.  Age issues. I left when I was 11 and I’m coming back now, when I’m about to turn 15. The people I knew before were kids, now they’re in their teens. I have to admit I haven’t kept in touch with most of the people I used to call “friends” here.  And as bad as that sounds, I don’t regret not having done so; not even a little bit. Why? Because now they’re smoking, drinking, doing drugs, etc. Anyway, after the summer, I’ll be going to a different school so yes, I am moving back to the same city, same house, etc. But definitely I’ll get to know other people and my routine will change drastically. I have to admit it’s an interesting move full of opportunities. Still, I need to find those and take them. They won’t be given to me so easily. But I’m excited.

If you’ve managed to read up to here, that’s just incredible. I guess this was some sort of update on the moving process. As you can see, this post attempted to discuss what it really means to leave; physically and mentally. Also, I wanted to somewhat show how thinking, reflecting, and writing can help us develop attitudes and ideas and ease tough situations. It helps us look at it in an objective manner, evaluate situations and look at the bright side of things, which we often tend to ignore. Join me in my adventure and let’s encounter the mysteries and wonders of change together in time.

Boston Bombing

Here’s a link if you’re curious about the bombing and want to know more about it: 

In this post, I want to express all my thoughts, condolences, and prayers to all of the victims in the bombing. I’m sure they were great people and nobody deserves going through such a thing. For now, all I wish is for them to rest in peace.

To all the ones who were lucky to survive, I hope you recover as soon as possible. Keep a smile on your face, things will go back to normal.    

This post is also dedicated to the families of the victims. I’m really sorry for your loss. Stay strong. I know it’s not easy, but you have to, for your other family members as well as for your country. Give it time and everything will get better. Right now, I wish I could have a better piece of advice to give you.

My heart goes out to all of you, victims or families’ victims; everybody. Thank you for staying strong and being an example to us all. 

Popular songs

The Harlem Shake, Gangnam Style, The Macarena dance… they date back to god knows when. All of these hits are known by thousands of people. If you’re reading this, you have danced to one of them for sure. But, what is it that makes them so great? What is it that makes them so popular in such a short time? I’ve been thinking about this and I’ve drawn some conclusions which I thought I’d share with you. This is the journey of my thoughts after all 😉

The first thing I noticed is that they are songs. Not books or movies, you don’t have to put any effort to enjoy it and they are short. So short you don’t even have time to get bored.

They have a catchy tune, a tune which isn’t similar to any other song’s, and a tune that’s different compared to the one of other songs.

Also, they come with a dance, a dance which isn’t mainstream at all but it’s rather easy at the same time. Who would’ve thought of ‘horse dancing’ to Gangnam style? or a song to get completely crazy to like the Harlem shake? Innovative thinking, people.

I think quite weirdly, so these thoughts took a completely different form in a matter of seconds. I found myself thinking about how to be successful in the future based on these observations. And… it’s gotta be new, fresh, but with a common principle, keeping people in mind and how lazy they tend to be, multi-use!

Anyway, today… as weird as this might sound… why don’t you dance to one of these songs and enjoy it? Enjoy the work of people, their success, the product…or you know what? Just gather your family and dance.