Things I like/follow


1) My computer favorites


These two blogs really cool. They’re written by two girls who share their experiences in life with the WordPress community. I love the randomness. 🙂

Utorrent.  It’s great. You can download everything and anything for free.
Spotify. Music.
Grooveshark. Music.
Facebook. Friends.
Youtube. It’s crazy how much I use youtube.

2) Music

I’ve been obsessed with Imagine Dragons, Daft Punk, P!nk, and Justin Timberlake lately. If you go through the genres I listen to on Itunes, you’ll see a little bit of everything; Alternative, Country, Country & Folk, Folk, Indie, Indie Rock, Pop, Pop Latino, Pop Rock, R&B, and others. Music is a great part of my life and there’s a section on my blog, so make sure to check that out!

3) TV

Who doesn’t watch movies and TV shows? I’ll admit I’m not a very TV person but still 🙂 I like Sci-Fi, Fiction, Romance, Comedy, Horror, and Mystery movies. My favorite movie so far is Looper. And TV shows… I watch Game of Thrones, House (every once in a while), and that’s probably it. I can’t keep up with TV shows.

4) Food 

Yeah, okay. I love food, problem? I love liquid yoghourt, Spanish food, ice-cream, and anything that has chocolate.

5) Sports

I actually love sports. Basketball. Paddle Tennis. Running. Dance. Volleyball. Aerobics. Anything but football! I love watching football but I just can’t play it.

6)  Memories

I collect things like papers from specific moments so I can feel them later. It’s lame. But. It’s me. I have a couple of drawers with meaningful things that nobody can open. >:)


4 thoughts on “Things I like/follow

  1. Thank you so much for promoting my blog! I’m honored! I feel like we have a ton in common…I love Imagine Dragons and P!nk too! Have you ever tried watching Doctor Who? That and Sherlock are my favorite shows. Lost is a great show too, you could find those all on Netflix.

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